Tree Planting

In addition to fulfilling an important natural role, trees and shrubs simply make a scene look more pleasant. If you don’t have any trees on your property, you might consider our tree planting services to enhance your overall landscape and provide some privacy for your property.

Like any plant, trees and shrubs need to get enough sunlight and water; the precise amount varies according to species. Our specialists know about the different plant and tree varieties to give excellent tree care. We can assess which ones would best work with your property landscape and know how surrounding environmental factors can help or hinder your tree’s growth.

Tree Planting

You can have fruit trees or vegetable bushes, providing fresh food for you at different times of the year. You might be able to mix and match the types of trees you plant, but you will need an arborist to know the length of time it will take for each type of tree to grow and how they will interact with each other. We also offer tree pruning services to help preserve their health.

If you are planning on getting rid of an old sick tree in favor of a new one, we also offer tree removal service. We can chop down and rid you of your problem tree. From branch to stump removal, we’ll get rid of the entire obstruction, allowing you to modify your landscape however you want.

To get the best landscaping services in the Mexico, NY area, including tree planting and trimming, get in touch with G&S Tree Service. We are the experts when it comes to trees.